Furniture as a Service

kea customers will soon be able not only to buy furniture, but also to rent it – using the very convenient subscription model. From 2020, the large Swedish furniture department store will be offering subscription models in over 30 countries. The aim is not only making the use of furniture easier and more flexible, but also more environmentally friendly. If the subscription runs out, Ikea will ensure that the furniture is restored and can be resold via the “Second Life” programme. Against expectations, the initial focus will not be on the renting of the company’s famous Billy shelves and other standard products, but on the business customer segment. Thus, as part of a test-run in Switzerland, a complete office workstation can already be rented. The business model will mean that companies’ capital will no longer be tied up in furniture stock and they will be able to react flexibly to fluctuating workforce numbers – with everything done via an app. See the article in full: