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Make your customers into regular customers.

With our subscription solution you can manage your customers‘ subscriptions flexibly and you will have full control over the design of your range products and services.

Our solutions are flexible and scalable and adapted to your company – whether you want to connect to new payment service providers, create certifiable monthly closing statements, or monitor payments.

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Subscription Management


We create your invoices in a fully automated way. Dispatch takes place by post, e-mail (PDFI or API call.

Payment Types

Choose from all internationally accepted types of payments. Including credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, direct debit.

Price Adjustments

Don’t limit yourself. Select customized price models and tariffs for your products. We will bill everything in a flexible way.

Data Privacy

You can feel secure. We exclusively operate our own data centres in Germany and comply with the EU data protection regulations.

Subscription Payments

Manage your recurring payments simply and securely. Always stay on top of things thanks to our solution.


Our subscription billing complies with all of the GoBD – the official German “Principles for the Proper Management and Storage of Books, Records, and Documents in Electronic Form and For Data Access”.

Our Vision - Your Success

Subscribe your way to success for your company together with us. We will help you to get the best out of your products and services so you can generate an optimal user experience for your customers.

We love big numbers

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For our customers we produce more than 7.1 million billing documents – on a monthly basis.

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We have linked up with more than 35 payment service providers, enabling all internationally accepted types of payment.

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In our system we manage more than 100 million receipts for 35 million customers.

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Profit from 20 years’ experience. Since 2000, providing customized solutions for our customers has been our lifeblood.

Subscription Billing
SOLUTIONS by nexnet

With technical expertise and a deep understanding of financial processes, nexnet has successfully been developing solutions in the areas of payment, accounting, and subscription billing for 20 years.

The result is a tailor-made solution that adapts to every phase of your company and can be scaled as desired in order to meet your requirements.

A Selection of our customers

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